Keyboard and Organizer?

I was working the other day when I came across this note, and thought it was funny.

I think most people do this all the time and don’t even think about it, but using your keyboard for more than it’s intended purpose of an actual keyboard to your computer, but also for a stand of kinds, or keeper of pens & pencils. After I took this picture and starting to think about it more, I  came across it a few more times during the day, and even at my own computer workstation with my co-workers using the keyboard to store pens. It’s an amusing idea, but hey it works!


Cord Annoyance

You never really think about it, but cords are one of those things that are a neccessary evil.

Cords are especially bothersome for those people that are self labeled as a complete clean freak and love organization. What are you supposed to do with them? Cords are not only unsightly, but can be space intrusive too. People find ways of overcoming the annoyance of cords with all kinds of creative ideas such as wrapping them around things, like cardboard toilet paper rolls, the device itself. Now a days, thanks to some great thinking and innovation,  some appliaces or products are even building a little home for cords right into them!

Public Bathroom Routine

Have you ever thought about how everyone has their own unique bathroom routine? When it comes to using public restrooms,people have all kinds of various quirks, and methods to going about their business,  from flushing the toilet with their foot, to grabbing the door with paper towels. It seems as though people have a meticulous method with one main goal in mind;  DO NOT touch  anything!

Although, I understand their desire to avoid the nastiness of  public bathrooms, it often humors me that people spend so much time trying to stick to their ritual that it often either gets in the way (of themselves or others), or just takes way too long. I don’t know, I guess just food for thought, but next time your in a public restroom take note to what others are doing, it might be amusing!