It occurred to me this morning that people tend to wad up their pieces of paper before throwing them into the garbage can. Why? Who knows. But, we do and we also try to throw them in the can and often miss, which leaves little wads of paper scattered around the floor.


Door Props

The other day I went to do this myself, and didn’t even think twice about it but it’s interesting. People get creative and use whatever is handy to prop open the door. Hey, it works right?

Instant Jacket Carrier

When women get sick of carrying their jackets or sweatshirts they can have an instant solution, by draping it over their purse/bag. How convenient!



You can pretty much use anything as a coaster, I find this little dish to be a perfect solution on my bedside table.



Need to prob something up? Well find a box and your in luck!

Hair Accessory?

Don’t have a headband handy? Need somewhere to put your sunglasses when not needed while out and about? Well, your hair is the perfect solution! Women do this all the time and probably don’t even think twice about the act, but sunglasses often serve as the perfect solution to holding back your unruly hair. Or, ┬áput sunglasses up on top of your head to give yourself a break from wearing them.

Doorway Dryer

Never mind worrying about having a clothing dryer rack for those delicates, just use your door ways!